International Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy

Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2017

  • Classification of EEG Physiological Signal for the Detection of Epileptic Seizure by Using DWT Feature Extraction and Neural Network

    Manisha Chandani, Arun Kumar

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2017
    Pages: 38-43
    Received: 28 June 2017
    Accepted: 17 July 2017
    Published: 24 October 2017
    Abstract: EEG (Electroencephalogram) is a technique for identifying neurological disorders. There are various neurological disorders like Epilepsy, brain cancer, etc. Feature extraction and classification of electroencephalogram (EEGs) signals for (normal and epileptic) is a challenge for engineers and scientists. Various signal processing techniques have al... Show More
  • Trapezius Flap Reconstruction of Scalp Defect After Removal of Occipital Fibrosarcoma in Neurofibromatosis Type I Patient

    Kantenga Dieu Merci Kabulo, Patrice Ntenga, Kelvin Nemayire, Nathanael Harunangoni Zimani, Aaron Musara, Sitshengiso Matshalaga, Kusezweni Kevin Nduku, Rudo Makunike-Mutasa, Kazadi Kaluile Ntenga Kalangu

    Issue: Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2017
    Pages: 44-48
    Received: 27 August 2017
    Accepted: 11 September 2017
    Published: 28 October 2017
    Abstract: Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is an autosomal dominant condition affecting approximately 1 in 3000 live births. The manifestations of this condition are extremely variable, even within families, and genetic counseling is consequently difficult with regard to prognosis. Individuals with NF1 are acknowledged to be at increased risk of malignancy. Se... Show More